Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sept 13 for lack of a better name.

Looks to be like a post about music. The first two are from a shoot that I did for The Inland.

Story (HERE)

I love the color of the hat, the shirt and the wall. It just came together for this one. The second photo shows where my light was coming from. These ones didn't run but I was still sold on them.

MJ died and someone in Spokane did this.
Here are a few photos from a band that my friends are in together. I lived with the back three guys for a bit. They are all great guys and heck they can even make some good tunes.

Listen to them (HERE)

It's what I used to write this blog post. I wish I had some behind the scenes photos because this was a very low budget. Thanks to my Dad and Nik for being my light stands. I will post the photos from their practice that I shot. They had a real nice raw feel to them. Just the way photos should be.

Music that I can not stop listening to:
Andrew Bird
Kate Nash
Avett Brothers.

BEST THING EVER. even brings a tear to the eye and I'm even an only child. Careful.
(HERE) for high quality. I just saw these boys a few weeks ago.

I have some big stuff going on in my world and I feel like I could use some away time but that never gets anything done. Power through it I guess. In due time it all works out. I want to be done with school and go to work. Here I come TIME.


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Heidi said...

I love this post and your drive, Glenn. I admire you so much.