Friday, August 28, 2009

What the Heck.

I said I was never going to start a post off like this but I feel like I have let you (readers) down. Its been like 5 weeks. For one year I hadn't gone longer then 2 weeks between post and I failed. I shot more then I ever have this summer and I couldn't get you one darn post. Lame on my part. I would even be willing to say WAY lame on my part.

I'll get all caught back up and get some content rolling through here. Lets see...

-I moved to Boise for school.
-Had a great time with the internship this summer at The Inlander.
-Bought (more to come)
-Didn't go on one trip this whole summer.
-Miss CDA and MO (LOTS)
-Haven't driven a car in 2 weeks

Its hard to leave a place you love. I like it here in Boise but its still not the dream place. Miss drip with Josh and beers with Bill. Miss capturing with Campbell and insight with Inlander.

The bed in the basement even sounds good.

Ill do some more photo posts real soon but I had to get something out there just to blow the dust off this thing. The photo that I did post on here was for a triathlon preview story, shot for The Inlander. Ironman for you CDA people.

Love you all and Stick with me.



Sandy said...

Good to hear from you again!

Rhianna said...

We were abandoned, you jerk.

Hannah Noel said...

Sometimes you just get busy!! It's okay =)
Can't wait to see all your photos!