Friday, July 17, 2009

My other life.

First off I have to say that the guy next to me at the coffee shop (java) seems like he is about to punch his computer. I dont think I have ever seen someone work so hard at computing. Now on to my post. On Tuesday I went with Brady over to Spokane for a model shoot with some other photographers. I would say 7 photogs and 8 or so models and everyone just rotated around. This was not my normal gig. For those of you that know me wouldnt think i would be there shooting. I was a nice change of pace and I had a good time. I treated it as an assignment and shot it more photo-j style then fashion. I was more the assistant for Brady but did my fair share of shooting. Here are some of our images from the day. I have so many photos that i need to get up here also. I dont know what my photo count is for the summer so far but it has to be up around 2000 or so. Still feels like photography is the place to be and I'm sure not getting board of it. Hope that never happens.


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