Friday, July 17, 2009


This might have some similarities to my post about Wendy's a few months ago. Side note: I have gone back and I don't know if they got the memo or not but you better believe I get all the free honey mustard I want.

Down to business. I love to shop local. At any opportunity I will choose local over corporate. You just get better customer service and you keep your money local. Or do you? There is only one small camera store in Coeur d'Alene and what do you know, I like cameras. Sounds like a perfect fit for me to shop at this place. WRONG. Link (here)

I love the shop. Great feel to it and they have a little bit of everything. The owner (Dan) is a great guy and always full of info. Mike is the man and can answer any question with some humor thrown in there also but the problem shows itself when i have to deal with Chic. I bet I have gone into Camera Corral 20-30 times in my years here and he has talked down to me every time. I'm in there to get help or ask about something so HELP ME.

So I go in there today to ask for some info on the different types of film and the characteristics of each kind. I must have woke him or interrupted his solitaire game but he wouldnt leave the computer for the life of him. I have a pocket full of money and I wanted to give it to you if you could tell me something about this film. All I got was "that one is black and white." Ummm no kidding I can read it. How about things like "geee Glenn, this one has great skin tones and is a great one for shooting in the summer." Thats all I want to know and from the looks of their website I was talking to the right guy.

Stuff like that kills me. Here is another gem: I went in another time and asked some question about flashes. "What the hell do you need flashes for? You just need to know how to use natural light." Maybe we should ask flash master, Joe McNally why he uses them. Just read (here) if you need reassurance about his credibility. Here is a post he did last week on his blog

He used 347 flashes on this one. What if Joe walked into Camera Corral and had asked about a flash and got that answer he gave me? Might cost him right around $173,500. I have 3 and they run $500 a piece and after this conversation with Chic I took all that money elsewhere. We all get it you are a GREAT photographer but thats not your job. SELL ME GEAR and today all you had to do was sell me a $3.50 roll of film. I dont think I'm the best by any means but I know my way around a camera and the industry for that matter so I don't want to and wont be treated like some punk kid. One sour grape can ruin a whole barrel.



My other life.

First off I have to say that the guy next to me at the coffee shop (java) seems like he is about to punch his computer. I dont think I have ever seen someone work so hard at computing. Now on to my post. On Tuesday I went with Brady over to Spokane for a model shoot with some other photographers. I would say 7 photogs and 8 or so models and everyone just rotated around. This was not my normal gig. For those of you that know me wouldnt think i would be there shooting. I was a nice change of pace and I had a good time. I treated it as an assignment and shot it more photo-j style then fashion. I was more the assistant for Brady but did my fair share of shooting. Here are some of our images from the day. I have so many photos that i need to get up here also. I dont know what my photo count is for the summer so far but it has to be up around 2000 or so. Still feels like photography is the place to be and I'm sure not getting board of it. Hope that never happens.


Monday, July 6, 2009


You would think that the more you shoot the more you will post. Not so much in my case. I would say that I have never shot so much in one month and look here... no new photos. Working with The Inlander this summer has been great. I need an assignment to do my best work and before I got on with them I was a little worried that I wouldnt shoot to much personal work this summer but I'm staying plenty busy. I dont have time to post all the photos this morning but I'm working them up and the next few will be loaded with them. Hang in there a few days and check back. It will get better.

On another note:

Make me an offer I can not refuse.