Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Part Two.

Portait of Larissa Cross with some nice window light. I like the tones in this one. Maybe just a little hot on the right cheek. Great girl even if she voted for Obama. Follow her blog (HERE)
Black and white rain photo can only be for one person. I have a real cool idea for my next BW rain photo. Stay tuned.
My favorite photo of the whole roll. Nathan Carter was on the newspaper with me in MO. Real neat guy and this photo is perfect for him.
This one packs a punch also. We have T.R. and Lexi here. Shot at our newspaper softball/bbq day. Advisor and the Editor and Chief. Thank you for everything. They are the reason I came out there and did lots for all of us.
I cant for the life of me shoot bands or ball sports. Just not my thing. Someday I will figure it out but for now... not my thing. If you know these boys then you can just hear "Wagon Wheel" playing when you look at this photo. This band is no more but they sure know how to play. Frontman Zack is one of the most legit guys ever. Good luck in Zion.

Thank you everyone in these photos from this roll. Some real good memories with all of you.


Rissa said...

Always glad you choose to overlook my political preferences to be my friend.
I don't know how you did it but, these pictures perfectly sum up Joplin. Love 'em.

Anonymous said...

nice shots man. I love the one of the guy eating a sandwich. Really pops out at me. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

aww . . .love the shot of Nathan, that really is perfect for him. Also totally loving the me and TR shot. I'm going to miss your photo skills and all that dry humor (and the beard). =(

Rhianna said...

aaah perfect. can't wait for the next one. love the diner shot from part one as well.