Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Great North.

It has been just about two weeks since my move back to Idaho. Sure feels good to be back but I'm missing things already. I don't know what happen to me over the last few months but I have just been called to be outside and soak up some Mother Nature. Sure we have big mountains in Idaho but every place has its own unique geography.

I don't think I need to become like this:

But I feel more pull day by day to do more things in my life. This is bar none THE BEST MOVIE EVER and its a true story. Anyway, I'm on a nature bender and what better place to do it then North Idaho. You sure can take it for granted when you don't have all this at your finger tips. Here are a few shots I have gathered over the last few days.

My father and I went fishing last night on Hayden Lake. This was one of the closing shots as the sun was going down. This lure (red devil lucky pants) caught 50-60 fish that afternoon. Don't ask about the name... I don't know what it means either.
This would be one of the better Bass we caught that night. Had a great time out on the lake with my dad. Life seems to sure slow down out there. No cell phone and that helps.
I have to give Nik some credit for holding the wheel for me on this shot. This was driving up Highway 95 with the Salmon River off to the left. Feels like I drove a million miles over the past few weeks but when it looks like this you don't mind all that much.

Shut off your cell phone this weekend for a few hours and soak up some Mother Nature around you. You are missing out.


Anonymous said...

love these. jealous

Rhianna said...

phew. I was beginning to feel like a neglected reader.
I think you could do some great sunrise shots.