Sunday, June 21, 2009


About a month ago Nik got a real small video camera (Kodak ZX1) and we have brought that thing everywhere. It is the perfect little camera to bring around and shoot just life. The best camera is the one with you. We have been riding lots the last few weeks and filming a bit. By the end of the summer we would like to have a decent length little film summing up the summer and riding in North Idaho. I want to shoot more of these photos also. Something that shows North Idaho and what we do here. Keep your eyes open for more of this stuff to come.

Here is just a look at it. Nik put this together and has a fun little feel to it. Neither one of us are video gods by any means but something we should learn. Let me know what you think.



Rhianna said...

silly rabbit, trix are for kids.
just jokes. this is shveet!

Anonymous said...


S.Sturges said...

glad to see some fellow fixed gear riders. Good job.

OfftheRail said...

Lets get this off the ground... I'd love to do some more shooting and riding... whatever. Fun is fun.