Sunday, June 21, 2009


About a month ago Nik got a real small video camera (Kodak ZX1) and we have brought that thing everywhere. It is the perfect little camera to bring around and shoot just life. The best camera is the one with you. We have been riding lots the last few weeks and filming a bit. By the end of the summer we would like to have a decent length little film summing up the summer and riding in North Idaho. I want to shoot more of these photos also. Something that shows North Idaho and what we do here. Keep your eyes open for more of this stuff to come.

Here is just a look at it. Nik put this together and has a fun little feel to it. Neither one of us are video gods by any means but something we should learn. Let me know what you think.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Part Two.

Portait of Larissa Cross with some nice window light. I like the tones in this one. Maybe just a little hot on the right cheek. Great girl even if she voted for Obama. Follow her blog (HERE)
Black and white rain photo can only be for one person. I have a real cool idea for my next BW rain photo. Stay tuned.
My favorite photo of the whole roll. Nathan Carter was on the newspaper with me in MO. Real neat guy and this photo is perfect for him.
This one packs a punch also. We have T.R. and Lexi here. Shot at our newspaper softball/bbq day. Advisor and the Editor and Chief. Thank you for everything. They are the reason I came out there and did lots for all of us.
I cant for the life of me shoot bands or ball sports. Just not my thing. Someday I will figure it out but for now... not my thing. If you know these boys then you can just hear "Wagon Wheel" playing when you look at this photo. This band is no more but they sure know how to play. Frontman Zack is one of the most legit guys ever. Good luck in Zion.

Thank you everyone in these photos from this roll. Some real good memories with all of you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have to come up with a better way to start posts. This one was about to start the same as all the others. The roll of film I just got developed took forever to shoot. I don't know what the deal was but it it was the longest 15 frames ever. There are a few from Chicago and the rest from this spring in Joplin. The film was 400 iso tri-x. I dont know if its my favorite. The camera shop in Joplin only had that for black and white but a few shots it gave me some different effects. Almost and inferred feel. I'm going back to 100 t-max. Now that is film from God himself. I dont know If you guys like the small write up about each photo so maybe some feedback would help me out.
Real cool Jewish diner downtown Chicago. This was also featured in the cake and soup video. A bit expensive but a fun place.
Skyline. This city had plenty of tall buildings. The big park gave it a great break form all the business bustle.
Colby, I'm sorry for this photo but I love it. That bean and your head go together perfectly. The look on his face is priceless.
Had to have some deep dish. "When in Rome," you get the point. One slice is a full meal and a sure bet on a belly ache.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Great North.

It has been just about two weeks since my move back to Idaho. Sure feels good to be back but I'm missing things already. I don't know what happen to me over the last few months but I have just been called to be outside and soak up some Mother Nature. Sure we have big mountains in Idaho but every place has its own unique geography.

I don't think I need to become like this:

But I feel more pull day by day to do more things in my life. This is bar none THE BEST MOVIE EVER and its a true story. Anyway, I'm on a nature bender and what better place to do it then North Idaho. You sure can take it for granted when you don't have all this at your finger tips. Here are a few shots I have gathered over the last few days.

My father and I went fishing last night on Hayden Lake. This was one of the closing shots as the sun was going down. This lure (red devil lucky pants) caught 50-60 fish that afternoon. Don't ask about the name... I don't know what it means either.
This would be one of the better Bass we caught that night. Had a great time out on the lake with my dad. Life seems to sure slow down out there. No cell phone and that helps.
I have to give Nik some credit for holding the wheel for me on this shot. This was driving up Highway 95 with the Salmon River off to the left. Feels like I drove a million miles over the past few weeks but when it looks like this you don't mind all that much.

Shut off your cell phone this weekend for a few hours and soak up some Mother Nature around you. You are missing out.