Friday, May 8, 2009


I wish I could call it a tornado but I don't think I can. At 7:15 or so I woke up with some crazy wind whippin at the house. Everyone here talks about green skies when there is a tornado and it was plenty green this morning. I ran downstairs and andrew woke up also. So we just sat in the living room watching outside. At about 8:30 we lost power and by 9 the tornado sirens started sounding. We figured that our house may not be the best shape for a "nado" so we headed to the neighbors. Knock knock..... knock knock.... nothing so run to the other neighbors. Same story there. So we just sat in our place, keeping fingers crossed. Wind got up over 85 mph and with wind and hail, tons of windows broke. Not in our place but all over town.

Link to the local newspaper. (HERE) They have done a good job with covering it.

All of these photos were taken within 2 blocks of my house.


Sandy said...

Pretty powerful winds - thankfully, it looks like nobody got hurt. One more story to add to your book of experiences!

Rhianna said...

Wow. Not the kind of storm I fancy. Glad you're still in one piece.