Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One step closer.

About a month ago I was on craigslist just looking around and came across a listing for summer interns at The Inlander. Its a paper for the inland northwest area and is a free paper. They cover lots of outdoorsy events, food, music and festivals. My favorite local publication by far. I went ahead and sent in my cover letter and resume along with a link to my portfolio. Guess what... I got an email back saying that I didn't get the position because it has already been filled. I was bummed but nothing I could do. Wrong. Sometimes sitting around pays off. A few weeks had gone by and then I got a call from a random 509 number. They had called to see if I was still interested and when I could come by to get my first trial assignment. I'm real pumped about this and it should be good real world experience in the journalism world.

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