Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I would Like to start off this post with this:

I will never set foot in Wendy's again. It might have been just how the grumpy 40 year old women that "serverd me" or lack of service, that really set me off. So I'm like super hungry and driving home, why not pull in and get a few items? Sounded good to me. I did drive-though. So I order a few hamburgers, chicken sandwich and some fries. I'm a big fan of honey mustard almost to the extent of those kids that put ranch on everything. Anyway, I just want some HM to put on my...you know what... It doesn't matter. I just wanted it.

Glenn- "Could I get some HM also?"
40 y.o. - "Did you get chicken nuggets?"
Glenn- "NOPE"
40 y.o. - "Well then you are going to have to pay for it."

I will not pay for HM at some fast food place. It just drives me nuts to even think about it. I hate corporate BS. I'm sure some stuff-shirt at HQ made this decision and heck I bet he would never even eat at Wendy's with his salary. So, I'm done. I will never go back and I would like you to consider the same.



Jason said...

I'm really glad to see you have decided to stand up for socialized Honey Mustard. You speak for many my friend, you are entitled to all the free honey mustard you desire!

campbell said...

i've seen kids freebasing honey mustard. i think the stuffed shirt is just trying to keep our streets a little safer and some of those kids off the junk.

Sandy said...

Not sure if I could give up those Frosty's...

Anonymous said...

Wow Glenn...all over Honey Mustard. I think you have tipped the scale.

Anonymous said...

I get honey mustard EVERY time I go to Wendy's (I also share your passion... they have awesome honey mustard and I put in on everything I get. Even the frosty) and have never been turned down. So weird.