Tuesday, April 28, 2009

50 Posts

Just a little over 8 months and we arrive at post number 50. It hasn't been the most exciting 8 months of reading I'm sure but I have done my best to keep all the readers around. Thank you everyone that has been to the blog and I would hope that you keep coming back. The blog has had much more traffic and success.

I have had views from 16 different countries.

37 of the 50 states also. I would love to get all 50 so if you know someone in any of those states, send them a link.

This is a photo that I shot a few days ago at the MSSU spring football game. Those of you that know me, know that i have a problem (aka don't know how) to shoot sports. So when I go to a game this is what I come back with. I'm a big fan of good lines in a photo and these gentleman set it up just right for me. There was one more ref there but I hid him behind the middle guy. It just got too busy and he wasn't fitting in the spot to the left. Anyway, I'm a fan of this photo.

One more thing. Ron Paul is the man. Yesterday I was thinking about the Swine Flu. Is this something I should worry about? When do I get a mask? Someone in Kansas has it, so its in my backyard. I was making my nightly rounds to a few favorite websites and Ron Paul posted this bad boy.
There, now we can all sleep tonight. Wash your hands and don't go to Mexico.

Comment. I would love to talk.


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