Monday, April 13, 2009


Here are a few photos that I shot for the Chart this weekend. The tattooer is a MSSU alumni and we did a story on him. These photos were not so good in color but in b&w... I'm happy with them.

It sure feels like the days between the posts just sneak right up on you. I'm not a fan of talking about posting more but I need to get back on it. It is no way to treat the faithful.

For the last week or so it just feels like everything is clicking. I don't know if you ever go though these times. Just having life start to fall into place is what I'm talking about. I will have to give you more news as things start to finalize. Nothing huge but just some fun stuff. Sometimes its having days where you feel like a well-oiled machine. Not a robot but just that you are doing what you should be doing and have things going in the right direction.

My parents will be coming into town tomorrow night to spend a few days in Middle America. It will be nice to have them around and see my world. My Dad and I will be hitting the lake to do some fishing on Friday.



hannah said...

I thoroughly enjoy those photos. Good work.

Rhianna said...

...chicago b&w's?!