Tuesday, April 28, 2009

50 Posts

Just a little over 8 months and we arrive at post number 50. It hasn't been the most exciting 8 months of reading I'm sure but I have done my best to keep all the readers around. Thank you everyone that has been to the blog and I would hope that you keep coming back. The blog has had much more traffic and success.

I have had views from 16 different countries.

37 of the 50 states also. I would love to get all 50 so if you know someone in any of those states, send them a link.

This is a photo that I shot a few days ago at the MSSU spring football game. Those of you that know me, know that i have a problem (aka don't know how) to shoot sports. So when I go to a game this is what I come back with. I'm a big fan of good lines in a photo and these gentleman set it up just right for me. There was one more ref there but I hid him behind the middle guy. It just got too busy and he wasn't fitting in the spot to the left. Anyway, I'm a fan of this photo.

One more thing. Ron Paul is the man. Yesterday I was thinking about the Swine Flu. Is this something I should worry about? When do I get a mask? Someone in Kansas has it, so its in my backyard. I was making my nightly rounds to a few favorite websites and Ron Paul posted this bad boy.
There, now we can all sleep tonight. Wash your hands and don't go to Mexico.

Comment. I would love to talk.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


At the end of the school year it is award time for the newspapers. I am not an award chaser nor do i think that it what we (journalists) should be striving for. We should give it 100% all the time and if you end up with one then great. Last weekend was the Missouri College Media Association convention in St. Louis.

This is an exert from a note that the newspaper adviser, T.R. Hanrahan, wrote summing it all up.

The Chart staff acquitted itself very well at this year's Missouri College Media Association convention in ways tangible and intangible.
The Chart brought home 19 awards including first-place honors in investigative reporting, editorial cartooning, editorial/oped section, feature page and multimedia.

Here are the details:
Sweepstakes (most awards/highest placing in categories}: Third place, Division II
Best Overall Newspaper (Division II): Third place

First Place:
Brennan Stebbins, Investigative Reporting
Jessica Schriendl, Editorial cartooning and editorial/oped section
Colby Williams, feature page
Colby Williams and Glenn Landberg, multimedia

Second Place:
Jessica Schriendl: regular column
Glenn Landberg: feature photography
The Chart Staff: page one design

Third Place:
The Chart: editorial writing
Becky Husky: feature writing
Rita Forbes: investigative reporting
Jessica Schriendl: regular column
Meagan Morrison: sports page

Honorable Mention:
Brennan Stebbins: sports writing
Alexandra Nicolas and Meagan Morrison: In-depth reporting
Andrew Ford and Glenn Landberg: story illustration
Meagan Morrison: sports page

I would like to say nice work to everyone. It takes the whole staff to even make it possible. So a big thank you is due to everyone on staff. Thanks.

Here is the stuff of mine that made the list:


Feature Photography (I have no clue how this took 2nd) This might be one of my worst photos all year.

Another big post to come in a day or so.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Hanging with my parents.

This would be me with one of the fish I caught. Nice day out on the water but the tops of my hands and neck got super burnt.
A shot from the dock looking back up at the place we stayed. This was sunrise, on our way out.
My Dad hanging out at the docks in the morning.
Parents #1
Parents #2

I had a visit with my parents last week. See familiar faces was one of the biggest things I missed about Idaho and it was fun to show them around my world.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Here are a few photos that I shot for the Chart this weekend. The tattooer is a MSSU alumni and we did a story on him. These photos were not so good in color but in b&w... I'm happy with them.

It sure feels like the days between the posts just sneak right up on you. I'm not a fan of talking about posting more but I need to get back on it. It is no way to treat the faithful.

For the last week or so it just feels like everything is clicking. I don't know if you ever go though these times. Just having life start to fall into place is what I'm talking about. I will have to give you more news as things start to finalize. Nothing huge but just some fun stuff. Sometimes its having days where you feel like a well-oiled machine. Not a robot but just that you are doing what you should be doing and have things going in the right direction.

My parents will be coming into town tomorrow night to spend a few days in Middle America. It will be nice to have them around and see my world. My Dad and I will be hitting the lake to do some fishing on Friday.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I would Like to start off this post with this:

I will never set foot in Wendy's again. It might have been just how the grumpy 40 year old women that "serverd me" or lack of service, that really set me off. So I'm like super hungry and driving home, why not pull in and get a few items? Sounded good to me. I did drive-though. So I order a few hamburgers, chicken sandwich and some fries. I'm a big fan of honey mustard almost to the extent of those kids that put ranch on everything. Anyway, I just want some HM to put on my...you know what... It doesn't matter. I just wanted it.

Glenn- "Could I get some HM also?"
40 y.o. - "Did you get chicken nuggets?"
Glenn- "NOPE"
40 y.o. - "Well then you are going to have to pay for it."

I will not pay for HM at some fast food place. It just drives me nuts to even think about it. I hate corporate BS. I'm sure some stuff-shirt at HQ made this decision and heck I bet he would never even eat at Wendy's with his salary. So, I'm done. I will never go back and I would like you to consider the same.