Monday, March 9, 2009


Back to Missouri after a quick weekend trip back to the frozen tundra of Idaho. That place sure does know how to make some cold weather. I went just to do some work but I managed to sneak some fun in there also. I had a real nice trip. Got to see some friends and drink both kinds of brew. One of the best thing about going home is just running into people you know.

I was side shooting two wedding with Brady Campbell. Back to back weddings is almost photo suicide. Just drains your creativity especially with indoor wedding. I will update my portfolio and post a link soon.

Here is a photo of Mandy. It has been forever since I have shoot stuff like this but things started to click after the first few frames. I love the lines in this photo.

7 days till spring break.


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Elijah said...

Hey man!
I love the blog. Great stuff. Yeah I've heard Idaho is super cold right now. I can't say that I miss that! Look forward to seeing more. I'll keep checking in when I get the chance.