Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break (Chicago)

Not my photos

Tomorrow, Colby and I will be heading up to Kansas City to climb aboard THE MEGA BUS. A few months ago when I was in St. Louis, a girl that worked at The City Museum had mentions that the only way to travel in the Midwest was via Mega Bus. I didn't think about it till a couple months ago when a few friends and I were talking about what to do for spring break. So I said "got to see Chicago and we should let someone else drive." It might not have been just like that but something close. So I started to play around with dates and it looked like it was only going to be like $12 each way.

Kansas City to Chicago
559 mi – about 8 hours 47 mins

Joplin to Chicago
707 mi – about 11 hours 33 mins

The closest bus stop in in KC so we have to drive there to get out but still $12 each way. It gets better because I was looking around a little more and found some promotional codes and it took it to $8.50 round trip. Perfect for a poor freelance collage student. The buses have free wifi and T.V. in every seat. Just take a look at this bad boy.

I will keep the blog updated the whole trip. I kind of want it to be a multimedia trip. I need to integrate more of it in my everyday world. I'm Just taking the medium format camera so there wont be photos for a while but we will have Colby's point and shoot camera. So Keep checking in a bunch for the next week or so. It will be the next best thing to being with us.

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