Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Help

So tonight is one of those nights when you reach the end of the Internet. (HERE)
While reading one of hundreds of blogs I read I came across this.

I love documentaries and this looks like its right up my ally. I will have to get a copy when I get some more jobs coming in. But for now we can all just watch the trailer over and over. I had the video up but they took it down. So you will just have to click on the link. It's worth it.

Click (here)

But I also had the idea. I will be more then glad to print and send ANYONE, one of the photos that has shown up on the blog in exchange for this film. Lets set a limit on an 11x14 max size. Maybe this is a corny plea for a movie but this guy has some drive and passion and I want to see some of his fire. Readers: Comment if you are going to be the lucky one so that we don't have duplicates showing up. Early bird gets the worm.

Thank you guys for reading.


1 comment:

JoshuaRobert said...

I'd definitely send you the dvd man the only problem is that now i'm gonna have to get a copy, and i'm flat BROKE. Looks amazing