Monday, March 16, 2009

From the road.

I just had to post from the road. I'm sitting in a super huge bus that just left St. Louis and rolled into Illinois. (leave the S off when you say it)

We left J-Town at 1pm and headed to Kansas City. It takes me a good 3 hours to drive it but Colby got us there in a little over 2. Must be nice to do that all the time. We had a little time to kill so we went to a cool little coffee shop and they just so happen to have a Clover. We parked the car at my Texas friends house (Cody and Sarah) and we went to dinner then they dropped us off at the bus stop. Big shout out to them, thank you guys for everything you have done for me. Great people in Middle America.

we got on at 8:30pm and we get there at 6:00 am. Just 4 more hours to go. I will get some videos and photos up tomorrow at some point.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


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Sandy said...

St. Paddy's Day in you'll consume a green beer or two!
May the luck o' the Irish be with ya!