Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chicago Photos

There are 2 more movies from the trip being uploaded as we speak but our neighbors Internet is being plenty slow today. Can I complain about that? Anyway, I shot the trip half color half B&W. So for now all I have is the color stuff back. It was somewhat overcast and gray days for our trip and it is reflected in the photos. There are a few keepers that I like but I didn't hold the sky as well as I normally like to.
This first one is my favorite. There were tons of people around this thing and I just couldn't figure out how to shoot it. When I first walked up to it there was a very small Asian child that walked up to it and touched it then looked back to his father. That was my shot but I had the camera strap on and couldn't pull up in time. So I got this one instead. Still happy. The guy in the back is the deal sealer for me and the shadow off to the left.
Newspapers and banks are both in a world of hurt right now. I'm not so happy about how the economy is doing and what we are doing to help it. Back the buck with gold and don't live beyond your means.
The sun was coming in and hitting those buildings with just perfect golden light. Didn't show up in the photo so well. If you shoot film or have some suggestions please let me know. Different type of film? exposure? post? For the non photo people out there, this one gives you a feel of just how big this city is. I love big cities but this place is a monster. There must have been 1000 skyscrapers there. What I did love was all the old building and the history there. Well everything that was left after the "Great Chicago Fire" in 1871.

Here are just a few more photos from the trip. If you feel like you need a story or my feelings on them then comment and I'll get back to you.

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JoshuaRobert said...

the last silver bean photo is a classic, somehow you captured the "typical" photo in a "not so typical" fashion, it's excellent. I love me some Chi-town brother!