Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The End.

I had a record day with the blog yesterday. Thanks guys. Keep visiting and spread the word. Here are the last 2 videos from the trip. Colby did some good work with putting these together. The footage (footy) was a collaborative effort. Thanks for hanging with us during the trip. ENJOY.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chicago Photos

There are 2 more movies from the trip being uploaded as we speak but our neighbors Internet is being plenty slow today. Can I complain about that? Anyway, I shot the trip half color half B&W. So for now all I have is the color stuff back. It was somewhat overcast and gray days for our trip and it is reflected in the photos. There are a few keepers that I like but I didn't hold the sky as well as I normally like to.
This first one is my favorite. There were tons of people around this thing and I just couldn't figure out how to shoot it. When I first walked up to it there was a very small Asian child that walked up to it and touched it then looked back to his father. That was my shot but I had the camera strap on and couldn't pull up in time. So I got this one instead. Still happy. The guy in the back is the deal sealer for me and the shadow off to the left.
Newspapers and banks are both in a world of hurt right now. I'm not so happy about how the economy is doing and what we are doing to help it. Back the buck with gold and don't live beyond your means.
The sun was coming in and hitting those buildings with just perfect golden light. Didn't show up in the photo so well. If you shoot film or have some suggestions please let me know. Different type of film? exposure? post? For the non photo people out there, this one gives you a feel of just how big this city is. I love big cities but this place is a monster. There must have been 1000 skyscrapers there. What I did love was all the old building and the history there. Well everything that was left after the "Great Chicago Fire" in 1871.

Here are just a few more photos from the trip. If you feel like you need a story or my feelings on them then comment and I'll get back to you.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Loss of a great friend.

This post should be a post of silence but I think he would want it like this:

We first met April 2007 in Moab, Utah on a mountain bike trip. From that day on we have traveled everywhere together. Those of you that know me, know how big of a deal this is. I must have ran 1000 cups though the walls of that mug in its time of service. I take my own cup to coffee shops for three reasons. First, to save money. If you bring your own mug to any coffee shop they will 9/10 times give you a cup discount. Second, I drink enough of the stuff that it saves on paper. One more tree. Third reason, it just tastes better. sometime the coffee takes on a bit of a paper taste but with ceramic its all natural. The last brew was Clover so at least it went out right. It will not be replaced easily.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Chicago (2)

Here is another video from the trip down here. There will be more from the city to come. Its been a great trip so far. Stepped in some dog poop leaving the deep dish pizza place but that is the only down side to the trip so far. Hope everyone has had a great week. Enjoy some weekend time.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chicago (1)

Here is a little movie of some of the bus ride to Chicago. Colby edits a mean video but we were making it just with the point and shoot camera that your mother probably has so the audio and video quality is not super great. They get better so hang in there for this one.

Follow his blog (here) also.

Monday, March 16, 2009

From the road.

I just had to post from the road. I'm sitting in a super huge bus that just left St. Louis and rolled into Illinois. (leave the S off when you say it)

We left J-Town at 1pm and headed to Kansas City. It takes me a good 3 hours to drive it but Colby got us there in a little over 2. Must be nice to do that all the time. We had a little time to kill so we went to a cool little coffee shop and they just so happen to have a Clover. We parked the car at my Texas friends house (Cody and Sarah) and we went to dinner then they dropped us off at the bus stop. Big shout out to them, thank you guys for everything you have done for me. Great people in Middle America.

we got on at 8:30pm and we get there at 6:00 am. Just 4 more hours to go. I will get some videos and photos up tomorrow at some point.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break (Chicago)

Not my photos

Tomorrow, Colby and I will be heading up to Kansas City to climb aboard THE MEGA BUS. A few months ago when I was in St. Louis, a girl that worked at The City Museum had mentions that the only way to travel in the Midwest was via Mega Bus. I didn't think about it till a couple months ago when a few friends and I were talking about what to do for spring break. So I said "got to see Chicago and we should let someone else drive." It might not have been just like that but something close. So I started to play around with dates and it looked like it was only going to be like $12 each way.

Kansas City to Chicago
559 mi – about 8 hours 47 mins

Joplin to Chicago
707 mi – about 11 hours 33 mins

The closest bus stop in in KC so we have to drive there to get out but still $12 each way. It gets better because I was looking around a little more and found some promotional codes and it took it to $8.50 round trip. Perfect for a poor freelance collage student. The buses have free wifi and T.V. in every seat. Just take a look at this bad boy.

I will keep the blog updated the whole trip. I kind of want it to be a multimedia trip. I need to integrate more of it in my everyday world. I'm Just taking the medium format camera so there wont be photos for a while but we will have Colby's point and shoot camera. So Keep checking in a bunch for the next week or so. It will be the next best thing to being with us.

This post was powered my CLOVER coffee.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Help

So tonight is one of those nights when you reach the end of the Internet. (HERE)
While reading one of hundreds of blogs I read I came across this.

I love documentaries and this looks like its right up my ally. I will have to get a copy when I get some more jobs coming in. But for now we can all just watch the trailer over and over. I had the video up but they took it down. So you will just have to click on the link. It's worth it.

Click (here)

But I also had the idea. I will be more then glad to print and send ANYONE, one of the photos that has shown up on the blog in exchange for this film. Lets set a limit on an 11x14 max size. Maybe this is a corny plea for a movie but this guy has some drive and passion and I want to see some of his fire. Readers: Comment if you are going to be the lucky one so that we don't have duplicates showing up. Early bird gets the worm.

Thank you guys for reading.


Monday, March 9, 2009


Back to Missouri after a quick weekend trip back to the frozen tundra of Idaho. That place sure does know how to make some cold weather. I went just to do some work but I managed to sneak some fun in there also. I had a real nice trip. Got to see some friends and drink both kinds of brew. One of the best thing about going home is just running into people you know.

I was side shooting two wedding with Brady Campbell. Back to back weddings is almost photo suicide. Just drains your creativity especially with indoor wedding. I will update my portfolio and post a link soon.

Here is a photo of Mandy. It has been forever since I have shoot stuff like this but things started to click after the first few frames. I love the lines in this photo.

7 days till spring break.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little Lost.

I would hope that all of you are just fired up about something in your lives. As most of my friends know that for me its photography. Even more specifically its newspapers. I have never been more driven to do anything in my life then to become a photojournalist. I love news, current events and photographing, so would there be a better career for me then working for a major newspapers? Hell no would be the answer to that.

I have been 110% for the last 3 years of my life working toward achieving that. Can you imagine being in the position to see that everything you want as far as a job goes, a career, a passion just folding up before you can even get your foot in the door. That is like having to tell Tiger Woods, "sorry man, no more golf." Its all he knows, its all he is trained to do.

Take a look at this. Please take the time to watch it all. even after the credits. Its 21 mins but it is worth it.

Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.

Now its our jobs to just find someway to make a living. Not the way we want to or strive to do so but a compromised dream profession.