Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Had to see about a girl.

I went back over to the west side for a few days to visit Charlotte. It had been 5 months since we say each other last. I flew out of Kansas City, Wednesday night and got home late Monday night. Its a 3 hour drive to K.C. from my place and its the closest airport that is reasonably priced so its just what you have to do.

I didn't shoot much in Portland because I think that you can kill a good thing with a camera. I'm sure you have all been on that trip when someone/yourself are more worried about getting pictures of the trip and people on it that they forget to actually enjoy the trip for themselves. The only memory they have is of them taking pictures. So there is a fine line and this was a trip I wanted to just enjoy...and enjoy we did.

Second night there we whipped this bad boy up:

That's right. Nothing like a great home cooked meal. It was just the perfect meal and time spent together. I did shoot some film so there will be some more to come. If you cant tell... I like this girl a bunch. I'm a lucky one. I didn't want to be too sappy so here is some more post.

Next Thurs I will be back in Idaho to shoot a few weddings and some senior pics. Kind of a business trip but I'm sure I will sneak in some time for both kinds of brew with friends and family. I get back Sunday afternoon and the 7 days till my next big trip. I think It will be the trip of all trips. Some of you know but I want to keep it down low and then just dedicate a whole blog post or 5 to it.

One last thing.

I shot some photos of Sarah Dunn (local country singer) for the Joplin Globe a while back but she just send me an email saying that she has a video up on a network website. To make it to the air she needs lots of views. So take 3 mins and watch it. (here) Thanks.

I'm off for a ride. It's 70 and I have to spend all night at the newspaper so I must go soak it up.


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