Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter with friends and fam.

I shot a 220 roll though my medium format over Christmas break. Here are some of the images. It was real old film so it has a very old feel to most of it.

This is Nik's sister's kid. Miley. We got along pretty well and its the first baby that I have ever held. I'm an only child so never had a kid around the house and most of my family lives on the east cost which set you up for being 21 and holding your first baby.
One of my first nights in town me and some of the guys did some late night drip session and Denny's.
I went to Kansas City last weekend and stayed at my new friend's house. Sarah and Cody have 6 dogs running around this house and they pull back the curtains so they can look out all day.
This one has home written all over it for me. This is my Dad applying a camouflage cover on a gun. The fire place is cranking out the heat also. This one would be my favorite out of the roll.
I don't think that this does the snow load any justice but the light was just right so I had to take it. I couldn't get a shot that really showed just how much snow was in North Idaho. Its just memories now I guess. This is the back part of my parents property.

I have more and I'll post them later.



Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...i just pissed everywhere. these are so good. especially, your dad and denny's and snow...oh my gosh

Sandy said...

I like your new design and enjoy the pics and your insight on everything!

Rhianna said...

mmm I really dig these shots, the old film...
and yikes, colby just pissed everywhere.

JoshuaRobert said...

Like i said, with the right sort of music i'd without a doubt start welling up looking at that picture of your dad.

dad said...

wow. tell colby to be careful. even i am not old enough to be pissing everywhere.nice shots glad you are using film. new format do you.