Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter again.

After that quick blast of heat we dropped right into a deep freeze (no school for two days). I don't have any photos yet. I shot some film of it so maybe in a few days. I went to cover a basketball game the other day at school because I forgot to assign it out to anyone. When I got there two of my photographers were shooting. I'm a poor sports shooter at best and I need to get better but I love stuff like this way more.

This is my friend Colby. He just got a job working with developmentally disabled kids and adults. This is Nicky hanging out at the southern game. Its great to see people working jobs that give back. I mean he went from serving $10 venti lattes to serving someone who needs it.

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JoshuaRobert said...

Colby presents himself as someone our dads would have been good friends with when he was our age. Too legit to quit.