Thursday, January 22, 2009

About time.

I'm sure that I am making a bigger deal out of it that it is but it was a heck of a nice day. Windows down driving around hit the spot. I didn't even need any kind of jacket or hat today. Yesterday was around 40 and then today she jumped right up to like 75 or something crazy like that. Its JAN 22 mind you. Saturday will be a high of 26 so its not like Missouri is in the thaw but we had one day.

It was nice to just hang out. Kicking back and have a beer with my roommate on the porch never felt so good. This is the thermometer that we got from an estate sale. The said "major life change" but we knew what that meant. His legacy lives on though our scale, dish dryer, fedora...

I don't know quite how accurate it is but I would trust it with 5 degree buffer. I also blew the dust off my 18-55 and put on a macro filter that i had in a drawer. I know its not great but I think it will stay with me for the 3 times a year that you need a macro shot. Nothing like making due with what you got.

With it being warm, I just wanted to try some new stuff. So I figured this would be a good idea. Wrong. I'm not super happy with it and it took forever to edit (I hate to edit). I want to do some more of these and maybe I will get the hang of it. For now you get to see the nice day and the A-frame over and over again.



JoshuaRobert said...

the stop-motion is awesome. such a unique way to show the house. waaaay gnarlier and more secluded than i had imagined, but still a good place.

Sandy said...

I got dizzy watching your video! lol