Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter again.

After that quick blast of heat we dropped right into a deep freeze (no school for two days). I don't have any photos yet. I shot some film of it so maybe in a few days. I went to cover a basketball game the other day at school because I forgot to assign it out to anyone. When I got there two of my photographers were shooting. I'm a poor sports shooter at best and I need to get better but I love stuff like this way more.

This is my friend Colby. He just got a job working with developmentally disabled kids and adults. This is Nicky hanging out at the southern game. Its great to see people working jobs that give back. I mean he went from serving $10 venti lattes to serving someone who needs it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

About time.

I'm sure that I am making a bigger deal out of it that it is but it was a heck of a nice day. Windows down driving around hit the spot. I didn't even need any kind of jacket or hat today. Yesterday was around 40 and then today she jumped right up to like 75 or something crazy like that. Its JAN 22 mind you. Saturday will be a high of 26 so its not like Missouri is in the thaw but we had one day.

It was nice to just hang out. Kicking back and have a beer with my roommate on the porch never felt so good. This is the thermometer that we got from an estate sale. The said "major life change" but we knew what that meant. His legacy lives on though our scale, dish dryer, fedora...

I don't know quite how accurate it is but I would trust it with 5 degree buffer. I also blew the dust off my 18-55 and put on a macro filter that i had in a drawer. I know its not great but I think it will stay with me for the 3 times a year that you need a macro shot. Nothing like making due with what you got.

With it being warm, I just wanted to try some new stuff. So I figured this would be a good idea. Wrong. I'm not super happy with it and it took forever to edit (I hate to edit). I want to do some more of these and maybe I will get the hang of it. For now you get to see the nice day and the A-frame over and over again.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cup of Joe.

Yesterday, Andrew and I went to Springfield, MO. I Had a job interview over there but equally as important was to enjoy my first Clover cup of coffee. I had heard that there was a place downtown that had one of these machines. You will have to read up on it to really get the idea of how big of a deal these things are.


With a price tag right around $11,000 for this coffee pot, it must be doing something right. There are 250 worldwide. Starbucks bought Clover a little less then a year ago. Luckily our local one is not located in one. The Coffee Ethic had to be one of the best coffee shops I have been in.

Getting to the point:

I love coffee and I drink plenty of it. I switched over to just black coffee a few years ago. I'm not a big fan of using creamers and sweeteners just because I just like to see how the coffee actually tastes (good or bad). The Clover cup might have had a bit of a placebo effect to it but it was still by far the best cup of brewed coffee I have ever enjoyed. It was a little thicker and so smooth. GO GET A CUP and see for yourself. I give it two thumbs up.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter with friends and fam.

I shot a 220 roll though my medium format over Christmas break. Here are some of the images. It was real old film so it has a very old feel to most of it.

This is Nik's sister's kid. Miley. We got along pretty well and its the first baby that I have ever held. I'm an only child so never had a kid around the house and most of my family lives on the east cost which set you up for being 21 and holding your first baby.
One of my first nights in town me and some of the guys did some late night drip session and Denny's.
I went to Kansas City last weekend and stayed at my new friend's house. Sarah and Cody have 6 dogs running around this house and they pull back the curtains so they can look out all day.
This one has home written all over it for me. This is my Dad applying a camouflage cover on a gun. The fire place is cranking out the heat also. This one would be my favorite out of the roll.
I don't think that this does the snow load any justice but the light was just right so I had to take it. I couldn't get a shot that really showed just how much snow was in North Idaho. Its just memories now I guess. This is the back part of my parents property.

I have more and I'll post them later.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 is a year of... who knows.

I think that I have already put too much thought into this post and I haven't even started it yet. I feel that the blog post for the new year should be a big deal. Most blogs I read just kind of skipped right over it but Andrew and Colby both posted "The List" and now its my turn. We are going to keep updates on how it is going as the year goes on.

2008 was a great year. I would have to say one of the best ones yet. Well age 10 was the best year ever just because you are just at the point were you don't have responsibilities but you are old enough to have some fun and remember it. I'm thinking that 2009 will be another big one in my life. Not that I have anything huge lined up or know what I'm doing but it just feels like another productive year, as far as the career and myself.

Here is what I have in mind so far:
(no particular order)

1. Get a pet. The sign on the local pet shop here in Joplin says "pets make life better." So why would you not get a pet for 2009. I'm thinking along the lines of Ginnie pig.

2. Get to Dubai. Those of you who know me have a good idea of how bad I want to go here and have for years now. You need to click (here) and then you will also be booking a flight. It looks like it will set me back around $2,000 to fly there but then I can get a hostel for around $25 a night. It just needs to get done. No more talking about it.

3. Ride in a helicopter. I have love them for so long but have never been up in one. I don't care what kind or where but I have to do it. I wouldn't mind something like this (here) but I would also be OK with rolling in this (here)

4. Be more productive. I get to do and see what feels like everything but I have so much down time. This is time just spent sitting around on the Internet or drinking just one more cup of coffee. I want to be more constantly productive throughout the year. I want to put a camera in my hand everyday. Even if its just one photo, I need to be shooting everyday. I need to post more blogs, so thats something I can be working on too.

5. Do five documentary style multimedia pieces. is a great site to check out. The pieces here are just mind blowing. Please take a few minutes and watch one or two. "Common ground" is one of my all time favorites. This is where print media is going and the industry is calling for more stuff like this so I figure that I should jump on the band wagon.

6. Sell a print in a gallery.

7. Figure out what kind of photographer I am. Figure out what it is I like to shoot and do it. I don't want to be good at most, I want to be great at one. I will still shoot all kinds of stuff but I just want to have a main focus of interest.

I'm sure that I will think of more as time goes on but for now, these are some important things to me and I need to do them. If you have any connections that might want to help with a few of these feel free to contact me. I hope everyone has a great year. Make it the best one yet.