Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hate power lines. Love that city

Sometimes I feel like I could just type on this thing for hours. Just ranting and going off about things, good, bad, funny and not so funny. Sometimes its what coffee can do to a person. well I guess I only know what it does to me. All day I have been in the mood that I get in after I drink a bunch of it and I haven't had any. Just kind of the thinking mood.

There was a girl hit by a car today at my school. When I hear about things like that it just gives me the chills. I mean it could be anyone of us. she was in a crosswalk just heading to class. She is going to be fine but had to go to the hospital because her arm went through the window and got cut up a bit. I'm not going to go into a big "live life to the fullest" because its been done 100 times but just be careful. Even if I have never met you and you are reading this you need to be careful also. It has the potential to be a short one, so just do your part to live it out.

I like this. Ill ask a friend for help on the next few posts. Topics if you will.

a topic for the about how pathetic it is to idolize people just because they have money, but they have absolutely no character, morals, or intelligence
we were talking about that today in history...and it made me want to read more books and watch less TV.or talent really...i mean....why does the fact that you are good at sports mean you should make millions of dollars?

If we like it or not we are all bound very close to the dream of money. It doesn't even have to be lots of it. Right now the sound of stable finances puts a smile on my face. I cant complain too much because I'm the guy that hasn't had a solid job in some time. I know that people have been good to me. They have removed the burden of tuition costs and parents are always there for a little help. (don't think I'm a freeloader) I don't think that we should worship them for having money but i think that we should work hard/smart to have what we need and have enough to get out of the bracket that most of us are in. That would be the one that has the money hanging over our head all day long. The term "hard times" seems to be getting thrown around more and more. Its sad to think that I'm 21 and growing up to get put in this kind of live or die economy. I don't want it to be easy for me but I think there were times when dreaming big was easier.


Sandy said...

Don't ever stop dreaming - even
in these "hard times".

Joshua Robert said...

I'd rather be hit by 5 cars than "play it safe" but then again being timid never hurt manager of Taco Bell right?