Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roller girls

This is a piece that Colby and I have been working on. I think this will be an on going project for me. I want to start doing shoots that take more then one visit.

Colby (director, interviewer)
Glenn (photos, Video)

let me know what you think.


Sandy said...

Pretty good stuff!
How come you didn't try skating with them?

OfftheRail said...

Yo dude...

Pretty sweet story. The audio really throws you off track though. When it jumps from the sound bite/interview to straight music there's a big step down in audio levels.

One thing to do if you're working with a cheaper set up (ie: just the mic on the camera) is to record room noise. Record about two minutes of room noise with no one talking. That way you can cut that in-between your sound bites. It gives you a more continuous and consistent sound. What program did you use to cut it?