Sunday, October 5, 2008

The right reason.

First off I have let you all know what I sold my soul to P.R. yesterday. I had to shoot 3 events for college relations and the alumni association and I'm not getting paid 1/3 of what I should be but when times are hard you must do what you have to do. Just know that I'm not changing majors because of it.

Something that has been getting at me is the question: why we do what we do?

I think I know why I do what I do but maybe there is something else driving me that I don't even notice. I don't shoot for the personal gratification of seeing people look at my picture or telling me, "Glenn That photo was great." Its to get people more information about whats happened or about to happen. That goes for my life and the assignments I shoot. That person or thing that I shoot get to have their picture in the paper. That's huge. To have people show their friends and talk about "Hey Amanda, did you see I was in the paper." better yet "Mom did you see i was in the paper." I could care less if they look at my credit for the photo. My work is done. She is happy and just that one girl probably showed 100 people maybe goes in the scrap book or the fridge. A few weeks ago one of my photos ran nice and big on the front page, previewing a play that would be happening on campus. When I went back to shoot the theater teacher for a feature they all thanked me because it was sold out ever night. Something that doesn't happen all the time. That's why I do it.

Its no secret that we are trying to gear up for ACP (Associated Collegiate Press) but for what reason? I guess I hate the idea of awards. It shows that most of the schools bust their backsides to show a bunch of judges that they know how to make the best paper or show them that one week they stepped it up and decided to do what should be done ever week or whenever you publish.

Is the newspaper for the judges? The faculty? the student body?

We should hold our standards higher then to not take every issue as important as the rest and pretend to be great for a few weeks of the year. I would hope that when I go see the doctor I get the same treatment that Brad Pitt gets. Every operation gets done to the doctors best ability.

Just do your job for the right reason. Love it, its what you do. I'm not saying to change jobs but just love what you do and for the right reasons.

Now to the fun stuff, my Birthday was on wed.

I have to get working on a resume.

Thanks for reading. Keep spreading the word.


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