Saturday, September 20, 2008


How much longer till the drink cart will reach me? I just finished my bag of peanut butter chex mix and feels as if im making concrete in my mouth.

Im on my way back to CDA, Idaho for the weekend to help Brady Campbell shoot a wedding. Just a very quick trip but I think it will be just the right length to see whom I need to see and do what I need to do.

I love the idea of flying halfway across the country to do what I love. Love it. Im hoping that its not the last time I will have to fly to a shoot.

I talked with a friend from Houston, TX the other day. Had to make sure Ike didn’t get her. We were talking about the elections and then it lead into a chat about what kind of affect the "media" has on the public.

In my world the media has no affect on what the public thinks. People get the mass media and Hollywood, social influences, stereotypes all mixed up. I guess I get defensive about this subject because they aren’t all the same. (Just got my drink) The media is the news organizations. They all do there best to deliver you the most un-bias facts about a situation then its up to you to make up your mind about the information that you just received. Our job is to keep you up to date and to keep people accountable for their actions. We aren't the ones that give America the image of the perfect women. We don't tell what is becoming more acceptable in society. We give the facts.

Maybe that was a dumb rant.

I must tell the story about driving home from dropping Charlotte off in Tulsa on Tue. So im driving all slow like, just as I always do in the wagon when the gas light came on. Trust me, im no stranger to the gaslight. I know that I have about 50 miles or so till she is bone dry. So I figure I should start looking for one and as I drive past the worlds largest McDonalds I see the big sign that says "hey last stop 47 miles". Yeah, I missed the exit...

So im driving and I get to the construction zone where the road narrows with barriers on each side. You guessed it... its where I ran out. Its night, I’m out of gas on one of the busier highways in Oklahoma, alone and blocking traffic. I get it pulled off to the side just enough for the traffic to get around me. Long story but I’m there for about 45 mines and even when I did get the gas it wouldn't start.

The semi trucks had to scrape their wheels on the Jersey barrier to not hit me when they went past. So finally the state patrol car came along and pushed me for the next two miles to where the construction ended. He pushed me at what felt like 90 mph and sling shot me off about 7 or 8 times. Had there been an oversized load I would have made the worlds first convertible wagon. It would not have been good. Well it wasn't good anyways but someone up stairs was looking out for me that night.

1. Keep way to much gas in your car at all times.
2. Don’t live in the Midwest and that wont happen.
3. There is a God.

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Max said...

Wow man. Gas and God saves lives. Hah

I dont think there's too many times i ever have more than a quarter tank in the Nova. I feel guilty filling it up for some reason.

Good stuff

Anonymous said...

I would like to fact-check #2. You could live in the Midwest, just stay out of Oklahoma. friggin tolls. It's lame anyways.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Colby, not that I don't prefer the North, but Okla. is hell. Thank God for narrow cars.