Sunday, August 31, 2008


I would say once a month or so i get in a rut where i feel that i need all the new equipment and new gear to get done what i need to do in this profession. My camera just had its birthday, August 19, 2004. Four year old camera? seem old to anyone? I guess i could go into boring camera talk but to keep some part of interest i wont waste your time. I think that in all of us we think that we need the best of everything to do the tasks that we do. There is a point where your skills over-rule you equipment. Where is that line?

I think about my Father when this comes to mind. His lawn mover has seen better days and this was going to be the year that he through down for what he needed, i mean he has 3 acres at the house and another 10 at our property. Does this warrant a $3000 mover? I mean this might be the last one the he ever needs. I don't know what happened be he held off and spent maybe max $100 to have all the problems on the old mover fixed and now he couldn't be happier with how well it works. fishing is another story...Got to have the best there.

How this all relates to us? I want a new camera, i want new lenses. Camera is between $4500-5000 and the lens is $1400. Being a college kid do you think that here is anyway i have even a tenth of that money to spend on that? Answer is NO. Do i have enough money to be happy and live a good life? Answer is YES. When i first got into photography I had gone to my parents and asked them if getting this camera was such a good idea. Of course they gave me the goods and bads of this purchase. Would this be a fad? I spent $1400 on something i had no clue how to use. Best decision of my life so far.

I guess i don't know where I'm going with this. It feels like I'm just wanting something i don't need but 60% of me says that if you have all this then you can become the best but then Guys like Terry Richardson prove that wrong.

Right now i feel like i have done more with what i have then what most do with equipment better then mine. So that makes me happy but there is always going to be that dream of someday having the right equipment for the job. IE. Last nights football game. We will see what happens. Just keep making a name for myself in the industry.

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I'm joking but if you know anyone that has too much let them know about me.

Now that I have said plenty bout that i would like to thank Steve and John Astlund. These are two men that have done more then you can imagine for me. I wish I would have had the passion I do no when John was around. I could see Meany photography talks between him and I. Steve had given me so much and continues to all the time. I don't know if this will get to Steve but thank you for what you have done. Know that anytime I use any of your fathers gear its an honor. Thank you both.



Sandy said...

You've got what it takes Glenn - the most important is what's in your heart! You make me proud!

dad said...

wow you continue to impress me. i am so glad that you see and pay attention to whats real in life. keep up the the good work.

Max said...

yep. i'm currently in that rut. blah

then i obsess and investigate about whatever it might be :)

dig your blogs buddy