Saturday, August 23, 2008


Made it thought my first week of classes. Should be a good year. Not many distractions out here in middle America. All week the campus had events going on therefore i was able to keep busy shooting. Football a week from today. I'm not one for sports so much but i understand that it needs to be documented also.

I have spent too much time on the web this past week. I also feel that my knowledge for photography and journalism has doubled. I found a bunch of blogs that are a must read. One thing i was thinking about was stock photography. Its a way for photographers to put there photos on the web then people can buy them for whatever they want to do with them. Weather it be a billboard or a can of soup, magazine or newspaper. This is an industry that pulls in big money every year but looking thought portfolios of graphers that shoot stock i felt that something was missing. In order to make money at it you must have great images but they need to be commercial oriented. People don't want photos of the welcome week at school because it shows one school. They (buyers) want to show a school but not Southern. They want a couple holding hands but they don't want Charlotte and I. Generic photos are that they want. Get the point across but not in they way that anyone of us can connect to a photo.

I, Glenn Landberg, will never shoot stock photos for a website that will just clump my photo in with 3,400 other beach sunset photos. Mine is of CDA and that's why i took it. Be specific with shooting. Show why you took that photo. Document Document Document.

Sorry i got a little long winded but i had to get it out. Have a good weekend and a great next week.

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