Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last night I went with Andrew Ford (news editor) to an opening of a campaign center for Obama in Joplin. I was covering it for The Chart, MSSU's newspaper. Just to clear things up... I am not an Obama supporter. Its hard with journalism to stay neutral about political views in public but i think sense this is a personal blog i can say what i want. I'm a Ron Paul supporter and will continue to be. Enough about that. Foam party and mud wrestling at school tomorrow night on campus that i have to shoot. I want to start shooting just all wide shots. I'm not a huge fan of the lens that i have to use to do so but it really gets me in the action. Might be time to sell the telephoto lens. Its going to be my new goal to just take in my wide angle to a shoot and make it work. All the classes have been going real well. My history professor fell asleep during a movie he was showing us. If a man with a passion for pre 1492 history cant stay awake for his own 20 min movie you know its a bad one. Lets hope the Art teacher doesn't get me mixed up with the kid named Ben Glenn again also. Tell your friends about my my blog and i would like some feed back. Thank you for reading.



Mark Balyshev said...

Well thank you for posting! I love wide shots and hope to see more stuff like that<3


Sandy said...

Wow! I saw pics of what looked like an Obama party and thought "what the heck???"
Couldn't believe that a Ron Paul supporter such as you would be at an Obama function.
Glad you clarified that!