Sunday, August 31, 2008


I would say once a month or so i get in a rut where i feel that i need all the new equipment and new gear to get done what i need to do in this profession. My camera just had its birthday, August 19, 2004. Four year old camera? seem old to anyone? I guess i could go into boring camera talk but to keep some part of interest i wont waste your time. I think that in all of us we think that we need the best of everything to do the tasks that we do. There is a point where your skills over-rule you equipment. Where is that line?

I think about my Father when this comes to mind. His lawn mover has seen better days and this was going to be the year that he through down for what he needed, i mean he has 3 acres at the house and another 10 at our property. Does this warrant a $3000 mover? I mean this might be the last one the he ever needs. I don't know what happened be he held off and spent maybe max $100 to have all the problems on the old mover fixed and now he couldn't be happier with how well it works. fishing is another story...Got to have the best there.

How this all relates to us? I want a new camera, i want new lenses. Camera is between $4500-5000 and the lens is $1400. Being a college kid do you think that here is anyway i have even a tenth of that money to spend on that? Answer is NO. Do i have enough money to be happy and live a good life? Answer is YES. When i first got into photography I had gone to my parents and asked them if getting this camera was such a good idea. Of course they gave me the goods and bads of this purchase. Would this be a fad? I spent $1400 on something i had no clue how to use. Best decision of my life so far.

I guess i don't know where I'm going with this. It feels like I'm just wanting something i don't need but 60% of me says that if you have all this then you can become the best but then Guys like Terry Richardson prove that wrong.

Right now i feel like i have done more with what i have then what most do with equipment better then mine. So that makes me happy but there is always going to be that dream of someday having the right equipment for the job. IE. Last nights football game. We will see what happens. Just keep making a name for myself in the industry.

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I'm joking but if you know anyone that has too much let them know about me.

Now that I have said plenty bout that i would like to thank Steve and John Astlund. These are two men that have done more then you can imagine for me. I wish I would have had the passion I do no when John was around. I could see Meany photography talks between him and I. Steve had given me so much and continues to all the time. I don't know if this will get to Steve but thank you for what you have done. Know that anytime I use any of your fathers gear its an honor. Thank you both.


Thursday, August 28, 2008


Tomorrow will be the day the first paper comes out. Last night we (editorial staff) worked on in for quite some time. I think that it is a great team and every, well most, have a passion for journalism.
You cant have a production night without a little drama. On of my graphers is not so great with getting names... meaning we cant run that photo. Lots of butting heads with that part but we got it all settled. Yesterday was the first time i have come across curpt photos. There was a few keepers in there but they are long gone now. I would guess that it was my fault.
Writting sure feels like a bit of a burdon right now maybe its just the fact that im tierd or maybe because i have been doing way too much of it for history.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Im in...

So i may need to clear up what i had said about shooting stock photos. I'm all about shooting and making money especially online, but to shoot for stock, that's what I'm no about. Shoot for you, shoot for the cause.

Maybe I'm just covering my but because i have a somewhat big announcement... I'm in. Ill continue to shoot what appeals me and then up load it and with fingers crosses maybe make some money.

The life.

Made it though my first week and weekend now. Kind of feel as if I am in the everyday grind now and this is how things will be for a while. I know my parents read this so i just wanted to say thank you so much for setting me up here and always backing every journy i have decided to embark on. I know you will back any decision i make... with-in reason. So, Thanks and know that nothing goes unnoticed. Love you guys.


Saturday, August 23, 2008


Made it thought my first week of classes. Should be a good year. Not many distractions out here in middle America. All week the campus had events going on therefore i was able to keep busy shooting. Football a week from today. I'm not one for sports so much but i understand that it needs to be documented also.

I have spent too much time on the web this past week. I also feel that my knowledge for photography and journalism has doubled. I found a bunch of blogs that are a must read. One thing i was thinking about was stock photography. Its a way for photographers to put there photos on the web then people can buy them for whatever they want to do with them. Weather it be a billboard or a can of soup, magazine or newspaper. This is an industry that pulls in big money every year but looking thought portfolios of graphers that shoot stock i felt that something was missing. In order to make money at it you must have great images but they need to be commercial oriented. People don't want photos of the welcome week at school because it shows one school. They (buyers) want to show a school but not Southern. They want a couple holding hands but they don't want Charlotte and I. Generic photos are that they want. Get the point across but not in they way that anyone of us can connect to a photo.

I, Glenn Landberg, will never shoot stock photos for a website that will just clump my photo in with 3,400 other beach sunset photos. Mine is of CDA and that's why i took it. Be specific with shooting. Show why you took that photo. Document Document Document.

Sorry i got a little long winded but i had to get it out. Have a good weekend and a great next week.

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Week one...

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last night I went with Andrew Ford (news editor) to an opening of a campaign center for Obama in Joplin. I was covering it for The Chart, MSSU's newspaper. Just to clear things up... I am not an Obama supporter. Its hard with journalism to stay neutral about political views in public but i think sense this is a personal blog i can say what i want. I'm a Ron Paul supporter and will continue to be. Enough about that. Foam party and mud wrestling at school tomorrow night on campus that i have to shoot. I want to start shooting just all wide shots. I'm not a huge fan of the lens that i have to use to do so but it really gets me in the action. Might be time to sell the telephoto lens. Its going to be my new goal to just take in my wide angle to a shoot and make it work. All the classes have been going real well. My history professor fell asleep during a movie he was showing us. If a man with a passion for pre 1492 history cant stay awake for his own 20 min movie you know its a bad one. Lets hope the Art teacher doesn't get me mixed up with the kid named Ben Glenn again also. Tell your friends about my my blog and i would like some feed back. Thank you for reading.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Big Day

It seems early to be starting school. Most years its not till early September But tomorrow is my first day. I feel as if i have had 1000 of these by now. No new clothes this year, same old shoes and still have the same backpack from high school but what is new is... well everything. I will be working for a new newspaper as the Director of Photography. there was a big freshman welcome today on campus that i shot and while out there with 1000 or so people i felt a little small and intimidated but as i started asking for Name, major, age, i found that most of the students were 18 and didn't know what they wanted to be and what they wanted to do. We are all in that same boat at some point in our lives. I don't think that its a bad time but i think that once you find out what you THINK you want to do that you should take some time and make sure. For myself it didn't just click one day BOOM...Photojournalist. I wanted to travel more then anything and i needed a way to help pay for it, so i figured that a camera was the best choice. Just like anyone else i wanted to take a nice looking picture. You never set out thinking, how can i make people look bad and make poor memories of a situation. Everyone has a sense for a nice photos. Back to it... 1.No one is cooler then you. Don't be overly confident but just know that to a degree we are all the same. Just do what you have to do. Use your words and you can own any situation. 2. Find what you want to do. Make sure it really is what you want to do and not some dream but then go for it. Things will start falling into place.

I don't know who will be reading this but i miss you all.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Its Time.

I figure that its about time I just tart getting my images out there and hope to get some people that will check in every so often. I would like to get into the habit of posting very regular but I don't want to set you up for something that may just let you down when i skip a day or two.

My name is Glenn Landberg
I'm 20 years old
A photojournalist from Idaho relocated to Joplin Missouri for school.