Thursday, February 4, 2010

House keeping

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Check a few more off.

Fall training with ROTC from The Arbiter on Vimeo.

Last weekend Andrew Ford and myself went with Boise State's ROTC program to cover their fall training. It was a two day camp out in Idaho City so we just went ahead and flew the blackhawks out there to save some time. For those of you that follow the blog might remember the "List of things for 2009" (HERE)

I will do a full recap at the end of the year for progress but this weekend knocked two out. Multimedia and a helicopter ride. It was a good trip but I also worked my butt off keeping up with these guys.

This is my blog so I can say what I want but there were a few things said that pissed me off a bit and reminded me why I'm not in the service.

This comes at day two at about 6am from one of the colonels.
"Bet you would love a latte right now"
"Eh... coffee yes but not a latte"
"Weird...I would have thought you were a latte boy"
"Why is that?"
"Well I mean you have purple polo glasses on"
"Nope just black coffee for me"
This is a 50 year old man telling me this. Next up we have another 50 something colonel with the punch line. One guy throws a paintball at me and it just bounced off so I pick it back up and throw it at him. Camera in hand and I miss. This tuff guy proceeds to say "Must not have played much ball with your dad growing up... ha?"

Who the hell are you to critique how good of a father he has been. I wouldn't have been raised any different then I was. My Dad was more then willing to drive me all over the country to race bikes and I got pretty good at it. So if you think throwing a ball is how you measure being there for your son then he fails but If you look at everything that man has done for me... he is twice the man then yourself. He has taught me so many lessons and let me figure plenty out on my own. Gave me tools to succeed in life. I don't know what kind of relationship you might have with your son/kids and nor do I care for the same reason you should stay out of my business.

There. I feel better about that now.

I do want to give a big thanks to everyone that did help during that training. I met some great people that will and have done great things for our country and I am very thankful of that.

Here are some photos from the weekend. I put some in that video but I still like to just have a photo to look at. Packs a punch.

And a strong closing shot. Self port in the chopper


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sept 13 for lack of a better name.

Looks to be like a post about music. The first two are from a shoot that I did for The Inland.

Story (HERE)

I love the color of the hat, the shirt and the wall. It just came together for this one. The second photo shows where my light was coming from. These ones didn't run but I was still sold on them.

MJ died and someone in Spokane did this.
Here are a few photos from a band that my friends are in together. I lived with the back three guys for a bit. They are all great guys and heck they can even make some good tunes.

Listen to them (HERE)

It's what I used to write this blog post. I wish I had some behind the scenes photos because this was a very low budget. Thanks to my Dad and Nik for being my light stands. I will post the photos from their practice that I shot. They had a real nice raw feel to them. Just the way photos should be.

Music that I can not stop listening to:
Andrew Bird
Kate Nash
Avett Brothers.

BEST THING EVER. even brings a tear to the eye and I'm even an only child. Careful.
(HERE) for high quality. I just saw these boys a few weeks ago.

I have some big stuff going on in my world and I feel like I could use some away time but that never gets anything done. Power through it I guess. In due time it all works out. I want to be done with school and go to work. Here I come TIME.


Friday, August 28, 2009

What the Heck.

I said I was never going to start a post off like this but I feel like I have let you (readers) down. Its been like 5 weeks. For one year I hadn't gone longer then 2 weeks between post and I failed. I shot more then I ever have this summer and I couldn't get you one darn post. Lame on my part. I would even be willing to say WAY lame on my part.

I'll get all caught back up and get some content rolling through here. Lets see...

-I moved to Boise for school.
-Had a great time with the internship this summer at The Inlander.
-Bought (more to come)
-Didn't go on one trip this whole summer.
-Miss CDA and MO (LOTS)
-Haven't driven a car in 2 weeks

Its hard to leave a place you love. I like it here in Boise but its still not the dream place. Miss drip with Josh and beers with Bill. Miss capturing with Campbell and insight with Inlander.

The bed in the basement even sounds good.

Ill do some more photo posts real soon but I had to get something out there just to blow the dust off this thing. The photo that I did post on here was for a triathlon preview story, shot for The Inlander. Ironman for you CDA people.

Love you all and Stick with me.


Friday, July 17, 2009


This might have some similarities to my post about Wendy's a few months ago. Side note: I have gone back and I don't know if they got the memo or not but you better believe I get all the free honey mustard I want.

Down to business. I love to shop local. At any opportunity I will choose local over corporate. You just get better customer service and you keep your money local. Or do you? There is only one small camera store in Coeur d'Alene and what do you know, I like cameras. Sounds like a perfect fit for me to shop at this place. WRONG. Link (here)

I love the shop. Great feel to it and they have a little bit of everything. The owner (Dan) is a great guy and always full of info. Mike is the man and can answer any question with some humor thrown in there also but the problem shows itself when i have to deal with Chic. I bet I have gone into Camera Corral 20-30 times in my years here and he has talked down to me every time. I'm in there to get help or ask about something so HELP ME.

So I go in there today to ask for some info on the different types of film and the characteristics of each kind. I must have woke him or interrupted his solitaire game but he wouldnt leave the computer for the life of him. I have a pocket full of money and I wanted to give it to you if you could tell me something about this film. All I got was "that one is black and white." Ummm no kidding I can read it. How about things like "geee Glenn, this one has great skin tones and is a great one for shooting in the summer." Thats all I want to know and from the looks of their website I was talking to the right guy.

Stuff like that kills me. Here is another gem: I went in another time and asked some question about flashes. "What the hell do you need flashes for? You just need to know how to use natural light." Maybe we should ask flash master, Joe McNally why he uses them. Just read (here) if you need reassurance about his credibility. Here is a post he did last week on his blog

He used 347 flashes on this one. What if Joe walked into Camera Corral and had asked about a flash and got that answer he gave me? Might cost him right around $173,500. I have 3 and they run $500 a piece and after this conversation with Chic I took all that money elsewhere. We all get it you are a GREAT photographer but thats not your job. SELL ME GEAR and today all you had to do was sell me a $3.50 roll of film. I dont think I'm the best by any means but I know my way around a camera and the industry for that matter so I don't want to and wont be treated like some punk kid. One sour grape can ruin a whole barrel.



My other life.

First off I have to say that the guy next to me at the coffee shop (java) seems like he is about to punch his computer. I dont think I have ever seen someone work so hard at computing. Now on to my post. On Tuesday I went with Brady over to Spokane for a model shoot with some other photographers. I would say 7 photogs and 8 or so models and everyone just rotated around. This was not my normal gig. For those of you that know me wouldnt think i would be there shooting. I was a nice change of pace and I had a good time. I treated it as an assignment and shot it more photo-j style then fashion. I was more the assistant for Brady but did my fair share of shooting. Here are some of our images from the day. I have so many photos that i need to get up here also. I dont know what my photo count is for the summer so far but it has to be up around 2000 or so. Still feels like photography is the place to be and I'm sure not getting board of it. Hope that never happens.


Monday, July 6, 2009


You would think that the more you shoot the more you will post. Not so much in my case. I would say that I have never shot so much in one month and look here... no new photos. Working with The Inlander this summer has been great. I need an assignment to do my best work and before I got on with them I was a little worried that I wouldnt shoot to much personal work this summer but I'm staying plenty busy. I dont have time to post all the photos this morning but I'm working them up and the next few will be loaded with them. Hang in there a few days and check back. It will get better.

On another note:

Make me an offer I can not refuse.